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For Jopia productions.

Having just delivered the feature-length screenplay Tunnel Rats to Jopia Productions, I was thrilled to be asked to write a new piece based on their character idea of Grangster – a vigilante Granny. I relished the opportunity to build the world and the characters, including devising Granny's backstory to explain her abilities.

Premise: A seemingly ordinary grandmother is propelled into a fight against rising crime and corruption after her husband is attacked by local thugs. Leveraging her shadowy past as both an undercover operative and assassin, she unveils a hidden compartment within her ancient wardrobe, revealing an arsenal once integral to her missions. However, she encounters an unexpected hurdle: her once-iconic "Cat Suit," a hallmark of her former identity, no longer fits, no matter how hard she tries!

I look forward to developing this and seeing Grangster explode onto our screens. Click the image above to see a small video snippet of a reading from the screenplay

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Latest Feature-Length Screenplays

New Feature-length Screenplay

Tunnel Rats

(Working Title)

Based on, a premise by Ty Naylor.

Optioned to Jopia Productions.

Working with Ty Naylor (Jopia Productions) to build a world from his premise about a mythological creature living in the tunnels during the Vietnam War has been immensely enjoyable. I undertook a substantial amount of research into the era (1968), the locations (Vietnam), and the war itself. I believe the characters I have crafted are enduring, and the story is compelling. This project is now seeking funding.

Logline: When his former unit is declared missing in the treacherous jungles of Vietnam during a covert operation, a battle-scarred and disgraced ex-captain is compelled to lead a high-stakes rescue mission, pitting him against not only the formidable Vietnamese Army but also a sinister mythological entity, in a desperate bid to save his men and reconcile his troubled past.

Check out the automated hands-free sliding AUDIO pitch below.

New Feature-length Screenplay

The 7th Man

The 7th Man Production in association

with Aztec Enterprise Films

This is a real passion project for me. I have long been fascinated by the Brink's-Mat gold robbery and those involved, both caught and those who eluded capture ;-). A few years ago, I wrote a proof of concept short titled "Interview with Mr George". This led to the creation of my characters: Mr George (aka Jim Goodwin), the elusive seventh man, and a crazed gold-hunter named Simon Hardcastle. This concept was transformed into a short film which, I'm proud to say, won several awards (details below). Encouraged by this success, I developed a feature-length screenplay based on the same characters, crafting a scenario where the seventh man is compelled to return to the UK. This vision has been brought to life by The 7th Man Production, in partnership with Aztec Enterprise Films. Michael Austin, who played the lead in the short, has returned to reprise his role. Principal photography has been completed, and the project is currently in post-production. Check out the automated hands-free sliding AUDIO pitch below.

Logline: When a retired criminal learns of his brother's mysterious death, he returns to London, embarking on a perilous journey. He must evade a dangerous treasure hunter and relentless law enforcement while attempting to unearth the truth and protect a secret buried in his past.

Feature, Giallo/Thriller, Mid-Budget

Blood on Your Hands

This is an experimental feature-length screenplay inspired by the Giallo genre, a project I am eager to see produced. The narrative centres on a journalist who crosses ethical boundaries, nearly causing his newspaper to collapse. Following his dismissal, he is unexpectedly recalled for an exclusive assignment: to interview a mysterious informant linked to a murder case, who has set a condition that he alone conducts the interview. This leads him into the depths of a serial killer investigation, positioning him as the prime suspect. The term "giallo" ("yellow" in Italian) refers to a series of affordable crime and mystery pulp novels first published in Italy by Mondadori in 1929, distinguished by their characteristic yellow covers. Paying tribute to the genre's roots, I have published the script with a cover inspired by Giallo aesthetics.


Feature, Crime, Comedy


Robbie Stone thought his OCD was a great way to avoid having a job. Now he's been sent to the cleaners. Spotless is a Low Budget Gangland Comedy which is gaining some great feedback and gives high bang to buck ratio. Oh, and a body wrapped in cling film! The screenplay is available as an eBook on Amazon Kindle and also published in paperback.

Feature, Bio, Sir Norman Wisdom


From yours truly, the director and screenwriter behind Sir Norman Wisdom's last cinematic appearance, comes an award-winning screenplay that vividly details Sir Norman's life and adventures. In 2007, I had the honour of writing and directing Sir Norman Wisdom in his final film role. I have now crafted a feature-length screenplay inspired by his remarkable life and adventures. This project goes beyond a traditional biographical film; it is fashioned in the style of the immensely popular films that Sir Norman starred in during the 1950s. Did you know Norman left home and, after living rough on the streets, joined the army at the tender age of 14? My screenplay explores all this and more. For further information, please visit the dedicated website at The screenplay is available as an eBook on Amazon Kindle and in paperback form.

Award-winning short screenplays

Short, Crime, Low-Budget

Interview with Mr George

On 26th November 1983, six masked men entered the “Brinks Mat” warehouse on an Heathrow Trading Estate, to steal cash from a secure vault. Instead, they discovered £26 million in gold bars. Now, Simon Hardcastle has tracked down someone he believes was a major player in the robbery, but never caught... and they have agreed to meet for an interview for his latest book.

Short, Comedy/Horror, Low-Budget

The Haunted Mind

Nominee Birmingham Film and Television
Official Selection HORRORORIGINS
Finalist TSL Screenwriting Competition
Semi-Finalist FilmDependence

Horror novelist Barry Nolan's last bestseller is now found in the bargain bins and new material is non-existent. Despite this, his long-time agent (Sydney Grainger) has secured an advance for another novel. But Barry is disturbed by a recurring nightmare that is leaving him unable to sleep or work. Time is running out and faced with the option of no manuscript and having to return the already spent advance, Sydney suggests Barry visit a renowned psychiatrist; Professor Maximilian Von Braun.

One Act Stage Plays

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One Act, Stageplay, Comedy, 3 Actors

The Conversation

Love Never Dies. Unexpected twists and turns when a recently widowed wife turns to social media for psychic help..

One Act, Stageplay, Sci-Fi, 2 Actors

How Can I Assist?

Kevin Powis (Screenwriter) · The Assistant

Unusual events occur when a man who only has time for his books and music takes delivery of a new Virtual Personal Assistant..

One Act, Stageplay, Comedy, 2 Actors

The Fourth Wall

A writer struggles with writer's block. This one-acter was finalist for Enter Stage Write and performed at the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire. The main character breaks the fourth wall and speaks with the audience while the secondary charcters remain none the wiser. This give scope for writer in-jokes around Asides and Subtext.

One Act, Stageplay, Dark, 2 Actors

The Candidate

A man waits patiently for his interview. Not realising this could be a matter of life or death. This play was a finalist in 2017's Enter Stage Write and performed at the Birmingham Repertory Theatre